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New shows and events for 2018 include:

Solo Exhibition

‘Out of My Mind’ David Carlson Paintings and Drawings represents the inaugural exhibition for the newly opened Fred Schnider Gallery, Arlington, VA. May 12 through July 8.

New Projects

Invention/Translation - Messages, High Definition video 39 min. 16 sec. running time. Completed and looking for venues.

Invention / Translation embraces the concept of oneness with diverse points of view. The initial video Messages created by David Carlson became the foundation and visual structure for the seven sound artists represented by a Norwegian a capella group, an Argentine Tango player, Two American poets, Egyptian and Swedish Composers and an Afghan singer.

Water Unspoken / Invention & Translation
The art of Silence and Listening

Video works of David Carlson
Artist talk based on the tension and mindset between two bodies of work, one needing silence as an element for the video, the other being the necessity for an audio component as a bridge between the work and the audience. Presented at the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, NY


CreativPapers Issue No.009 Vol1, Cover photo / article, Ap 29

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