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Water Quilt


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Water Weaving


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I N V E N T I O N / T R A N S L A T I O N – M E S S A G E S  


David Carlson Messages – demo for
Invention / Translation 2017, HD video, 39 min. 16 sec. running time
Nordic Voices, accapella, Norway • JP Jofre, tango, Argentina • Ethelbert Miller, poetry, USA
Ashraf Fouad, contemporary composition, Egypt • Carol Beane, poetry, USA • Johan Svensson,
contemporary composition, Sweden • (Marco Fusi works with Johan, viola de amour, Italy)
Humayun Khan, vocalist and harmonium, USA


For me video is a form of contemplation. While the camera records I sit with the subject, taking it in, looking for possibilities, not worrying if I will remember it or not. This allows me to absorb the moment in a deeper way that will be used later in the studio as a reflected poem (memory).

Many times one body of work leads to another, this time video images of reflected light on Lake Placid served as a starting point. Invention/Translation–Messages picks up where Water Unspoken ended, by exploring the visual interplay between the full moon and dark water. While Water Unspoken needed silence to convey the diversity of complexity, Invention/Translation–Messages uses audio as the bridge between visuals and audience. The project combines a five minute video with seven different aural accompaniments.

Invention/Translation–Messages portrays light distortion created by the interplay between the natural components, water and moonlight. Meditative collaborations with seven different audio sound artists juxtapose and embrace the concept of oneness with diverse points of view. The video serves as a repetitive visual foundation for the diverse sequences of audio interpretations. The ebb and flow between recognizable water and visual patterning suggest the formation of some kind of writing system. There are no definite solutions, so abstraction is the link between the play of the conscious and subconscious mind.

copyright David Carlson 2018