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Water Quilt


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Water Weaving


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Five Minute God

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I Draw the Line

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Perception of Waves

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F I V E  M I N U T E  G O D


David Carlson, video 'Five Minute God' NTSC
(5 min. 58 sec. running time) 2007


Five Minute God

"Five Minute God" is the second digital video where I have incorporated slivers derived from Cubist space that merge the physiognomies of people from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds. Conceptually the video embraces the ideas of cubism, race, speaking and spirituality in a way that nullifies any sense of separation. I have incorporated the images and statements by various young people from around the world, speaking in their native languages telling their own concept of what is God. While the visual aspect works with the same compositional idea as the 2005 video 'Whitey', this work presents a much more fractured space by the inclusion on more people. The polyrhythmic visuals never let the viewer catch hold of a solid ground. The recognition of one individual is distracted by the new recognition of another face. The layered audio tracks meld together the multiple voices which make the act of listening almost impossible. Sometimes a viewer or the audience may recognize fragments of a dialect only to have it swallowed by the chorus' melodious garble. Since everyone is talking (in the video) and no one is listening, in essence, the viewer becomes the listener.

The digital video includes the following languages; Chinese, Ibo (Nigeria), Spanish, English, Arabic, Urdu, Algerian, and Malayalam (India).



copyright David Carlson 2010