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Water Quilt


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Water Weaving


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Five Minute God

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I Draw the Line

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Perception of Waves

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I  D R A W  T H E  L I N E


David Carlson, video 'I Draw the Line' NTSC
(11 min. running time) 2005

I Draw the Line

David Carlson and Ashraf Fouad met in Cairo in June of 2002 at the first Take Me to the River exhibition. Six months later they began work on the digital video I Draw the Line. Carlson the abstract painter would work on the visual component and Fouad the sound composition. By working through the internet and e-mail as well as visiting each other in Egypt and the United States, they have successfully dialogued and bridged cultural gaps to produce a work that includes three different segments or movements. Horizontal, Vertical and Liquid Ground all address physical and psychological space on an individual and collective level. Human beings use line in many ways one of which is to define and mark territory. In this compelling video the tones parallel the deconstruction of the lines while water frames the ever-changing ground beneath the feet, engaging the viewer in a search for physical and psychological stability.

David Carlson, video stills from 'I Draw the Line' NTSC
(11 min. running time) 2005


copyright David Carlson 2010