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Water Quilt


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Water Weaving


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W A T E R    Q U I L T


David Carlson and Betsy Stewart, digital video projection
“Water Quilt”, (3 min. running time) 2012


The grid serves as a video quilt for different views of water. Basically what we are seeing is all of the non-water ‘elements’ and the diverse effects embraced by the water. The complexities of circumstance in such a profound element are almost infinite and yet water at its core remains connected by its simple essence. In the video the juxtaposition of moving and still images create a tension and flow of design and space that allow us, in time, to follow the changing composition and those complexities. By not having an audio component, silence serves as a way to access the visual element with no distraction. Interestingly enough while realizing the video we found the different qualities of movement in the water created a sound through the eyes.


image    video still

4 stills from Water Quilt







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